Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Joel Brown Eagle Scout Project

Hi all:

I'm Joel Brown and I've been a member of Pack and Troop 149 since 1st grade. My Eagle Scout Project is to create and install deer cages to prevent deer from eating young plants. My project is on March 7th from 10 am–3 pm at Powhatan Springs Park off of Wilson Blvd. in Arlington.

I would really appreciate if any scouts, parents, or siblings could volunteer to help create and install the cages. You can volunteer for as long or as short as you would like. Volunteering counts as service hours and it is a custom to help with older scouts' eagle projects because when it comes time to do your project, you can expect the same thing from the other scouts. There will be complementary pizza and snacks around noon for lunch. Please bring work gloves and sturdy shoes if you have them.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

New Scout Campout 2020

This year's New Scout Campout will be held March 13-15 at our usual New Scout campout location: Drum Point Club in Lusby, MD. Yes, it's that photogenic.

We will focus on helping new Scouts learn some basic camping skills and getting all requirements for Scout rank. Camping skills will include firebuilding, safe use of knives/axes, setting up tents/tarps, cooking, KP and others, as time permits.

Attendance at this campout is HIGHLY recommended for bridging Scouts, and for First Class/Start/Life Scouts needing leadership and active-in-troop participation.

We'll follow our normal routine and try to leave the CUMC parking lot as close to 5pm as possible.  Please show up at 4:45, especially the Patrol leaders.  Remember to bring a bagged dinner on Friday night. We'll return around noon on Sunday.

Camping fees are $12.25/person. Grubmaster fees are $20 for Scouts and $25 for adults.  Scouts, pay your grubmasters cash in the parking lot before we depart. Please email your signed Scouts BSA permission slip to Cliff Stevens at

NEW SCOUTS: Come with a backpack with camping essentials. A checklist can be found on page 268 in your Scout book with all the essentials listed out for you--the Scout Basic Essentials, sleeping gear, eating gear, and cleanup gear. (All essentials under "Group Camping Gear Checklist" are provided by the troop, such as tents, stoves, etc.) This is also the first Tenderfoot requirement, and can be easily achieved at this campout by following the checklist.

Make PayPal payment of $12.25 here!

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Boards of Review -- February 10 2020 -- Sign up!

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BOR) will be held on Monday, February 10, from 6:30–8:00 PM at CUMC. BORs are brief meetings in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with three adults from the troop.  Scoutmaster conferences must be completed before the BORs, which are the last step for a scout to advance in rank.

Below are three sign up links:
1. One for scouts hoping to advance to Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, or 1st Class
2. Another for scouts advancing to Star or Life Scout.
3. One for parent volunteers whom we need to sit on the panels.

There is also a link that will take you to a webpage that will provide more info on the BOR process.

We encourage parents to volunteer to sit on the panels. Experienced Chairpersons will lead each panel such that no prior experience is required for the other panelists.  This is a good way to meet more of the Troop and better understand the different ranks. Troop 149's website has further information and a guide for board of reviews for adults new to these panels. Please volunteer!

For more info on the BOR process, see this info page.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Troop 149 Ski Trip -- Feb 22

If I'm correct, it's been seven YEARS since we've done a ski trip with Troop 149 (see picture above)... so let's do one again! We had some interest from Scouts to do a ski trip, and since we couldn't find any caving areas nearby, we've switched. (I will try to get us out caving next year!)

This will be a day trip to Liberty, on February 22. We'll leave early and come back late. Liberty offers three packages (prices include Troop surcharge for PayPal fees):

  • $71 -- lift ticket only for those who have their own equipment
  • $93 -- Learn to Ski package for beginners (access to beginner area only)
  • $109 -- All Mountain package includes lift ticket and rental equipment

Once we're sure we have enough Scouts AND drivers that can attend, we will post the PayPal links.

Note that this is a Scouting event. Drivers should plan on skiing, and should plan on monitoring Scouts as they ski. Non-Scout siblings should stay home for this one.

When you sign up, you should rate your experience level:

  • Beginner: never been on skis/snowboard before
  • Green: skied/snowboarded before, comfortable on green trails
  • Blue: comfortable on intermediate (blue) trails
  • Black: steep? moguls? Bring 'em on!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Scout Sunday and Rise Against Hunger -- Feb 9 2020

Note: Send inquiries to Jacqueline Laurin Olshaker
Hello Troop 149 Scouts and Parents:
Just want to make sure you have Sunday, February 9, on your calendars. We have 2 Troop activities planned with our sponsoring organization, Cherrydale United Methodist Church.  
Scout Sunday — 10:30–Noon
Cherrydale UMC is our chartering organization. Troop and Pack 149 would not exist without their support and sponsorship.  Scout Sunday is celebrated each year in February. This service allows us to say thank you to the church and to share the experience of scouting with the congregation. ALL Scouts are encouraged to come -- Scout Sunday is about respect for and thanks to our sponsoring organization, not the religion you follow.  We ask Scouts and families to arrive at 10:30 to help hand out programs and get ready for the Scout flag ceremony which starts the service.
We also have a number of volunteer positions to help with Scout Sunday that we need to fill ASAP so we can write and print the church program. Please consider volunteering for one of these positions and let us know in the Comments field of the signup form.

  • Flag ceremony
  • Children’s time: 1 scout who is comfortable talking with kids about why he is involved with Scouting
  • Old Testament lesson reading
  • Gospel lesson reading
  • Boy Scout Law
  • Ushers to hand out programs
Rise Against Hunger — Noon until 3 PM
Once again the church, Troop 149 and Pack 149 are partnering to pack thousands of meals through a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event. There are jobs for all: Scouts, parents, grandparents, younger siblings.  It is an amazing activity and we need everybody. It is fun! Information about the Rise Against Hunger organization  and meal packaging events can be found at
For both the church service and the service project we ask Scouts to wear Class A uniforms. 
10:00 am — 6-8 older Scouts needed to unload truck; have to be able to lift 50 lb boxes
10:30 am — All other scouts assemble to greet churchgoers 
11:00 am  Church service starts for Scout Sunday
12:10 pm  Meet in basement for lunch provided by the church congregation members and for the Rise Against Hunger briefing
12:30 pm  Rise Against Hunger starts
2:30-3:00 pm  Scouts help with cleanup

Sinoquipe Summer Camp 2020 -- July 12-18

Troop 149 will be returning to Camp Sinoquipe this year. The dates are July 12–18 (a week later than normal due to where July 4 falls, and due to our Philmont crews being gone just before this).

Camp Sinoquipe is located about 115 miles from Washington DC and is northeast of Breezewood in Pennsylvania.   

New Scouts should participate in the New Scout program, which emphasizes rank advancement for Scouts and Tenderfoot. Returning Scouts will participate in the merit badge program. If Sinoquipe continues their process from last year, merit badge signups will occur prior to camp. Once the merit badge schedule is ready, I will forward it to those attending summer camp and ask that they send me their selections.

The cost for each camper is $425 via check, or $438 via PayPal. Payment in full is due to the Troop by March 4th. See below for important payment notes.

A link to the signup form is below. You can also download the Sinoquipe Leader's Guide for 2020 at this link.

I will need the following three things from you to reserve a spot for your Scout or you...

1) payment in full by March 4th. Payments can be made through PayPal ($438 due to their 3% overhead) or by check made out to Troop 149 ($425). PLEASE NOTE that any payments made after March 4th MUST be made via PayPal: checks will NOT be accepted after March 4th.

2) an e-mail sent to that provides the following information (this is in lieu of the "payment form" we have used in the past: 
  1. Full Name of Scout attending
  2. Full Name of Parent(s)
  3. E-mail address for Scout (if available)
  4. E-mail address for Parent(s) to be used for all Sinoquipe related communications (Feel free to provide multiple addresses, especially if you want both parents in the loop!)
  5. Phone number for Scout (if available)
  6. Phone number for Parent 
  7. Date on which payment was made through PayPal or check
3) a permission slip (also in the 'Key Links' on the right side of the Troop blog)

You may e-mail Items 2 and 3 to me, or drop them off (along with check payment) at 3801 24th St. N, Arlington, VA 22207.

Please also let Troop 149 know about your camp attendance using the link at the bottom of this page

Special note for adults: Right now the sign up is requesting only adults that can attend camp for the week or some number of days during the week.  Adult participation is crucial as we have a lot of scouts that attend summer camp so please consider attending. Additionally, we will need extra drivers to get us to and from camp.  There will be a separate call for drivers as we near our departure date. If you plan to stay for the week you will need to be a registered Scouter with the troop. Any adult staying less than 72 hours (i.e. half the week) does not have to register.

At a later date, I will also need to collect a BSA medical form for each Scout and adult that attends camp. You will need to have Parts A, B, and C completed.  I am providing this link now in case you have any doctor's appointments on the horizon, you can take these forms with you to get them completed.  You complete and sign Parts A and B.  A health care provider must complete and sign Part C.  This can be difficult to get completed at the last minute, so advance planning is highly recommended! 

When you submit your medical forms you must include a copy of both sides of your health insurance card.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Alonzo Stagg Hike Signup -- Sign Up Online!

Alonzo Stagg Hike 2020
March 21, 2020
20/25/50 Miles

Sign up for the 2020 Alonzo Stagg is going up now! Read on to see why!

The Alonzo Stagg Hike (ASH) is one of the most challenging events that our Troop offers. Although Troop 149 has over 150 Eagle Scouts, there have only been 10 Scouts that have completed all 50 miles of the hike.

NOTE: There won't be a 10 mile option at this year's ASH. 10 mile hikers comprised almost 50 percent of all the hikers on the day of the ASH, and the administrative burden of supporting all of those hikers was becoming too great. (Stay tuned for a non-ASH 10 mile option, however!)

This year, the organizers are only offering a 20, 25, or 50 mile hike. All of these hikes start at St Agnes Catholic Church, head up Military, cross Chain Bridge to the towpath, then head towards Great Falls. The 20 mile hikers turn around at Lock 10, double back to Key Bridge, then head up Lee Highway back to St Agnes. 

The 25 and 50 milers head all the way to Great Falls, then double back. 25 milers stop at Fletcher's Boathouse. 50 milers continue past Fletcher's, cross Key Bridge, follow the hiking path past Reagan National Airport, then take 4 Mile Run through Shirlington, to the W&OD trail, to the Bluemont Park pavilion, at which point they do the four infamous "Bluemont Loops" to finish their 50 miles. 50 milers start at 5:30 AM, and must finish by 1:30 AM the next day.

If you are interested in challenging yourself with the 20 mile hike, or taking on the ultimate challenge of the 50 mile hike, please sign up soon! NOTE: Sign up by the end of January if you're going to try the 50 miler! We will need to know interest so we can set up the two MANDATORY training hikes in February and early March. The first training hike will be around 10 miles, so those wanting a 10 mile hike can take part in that.

Fees are usually $10, $12.50, and $25 for the 20/25/50 hike respectively. More info when it is available.

For additional info, ask Mr. Kellenberger, Mr. Miller, or Mr. Vargas!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Luxury Campout 2020, January 10-12 -- Sign Up

It's time for the 2020 Luxury Campout, January 10-12!

We "camp out" in two houses across the street from one another, in an oceanfront community in Rehoboth, DE. 

Saturday, we get up, have breakfast (cooked for you by the adults) and head to the beach in Ocean City, MD.

Then we "hike" the entire stretch of the boardwalk, which is about 2 miles. At the end of the hike we are surrounded by arcades and beach food establishments. Lunch will be purchased there, or at a nearby fast food location. Scouts should bring along cash for lunch and for the arcades. It's up to the parents how much the Scouts spend at the arcades.

After the arcades and we're all broke and have exchanged our game coupons for cheap toys, we head out for a visit to Assateague State Park on the ocean, south of Ocean City. 

We then head back to the houses for the joint dinner, including the seafood: crabs and shrimp. For those not seafood-oriented, there will be a pasta option (please indicate your preference when you sign up so we can get the proper quantities of each).

Sunday, we get up, clean the houses and head home after a quick cold breakfast. We're usually home by 1 pm or so.

Fees are $29.50 for Scouts, $34.50 for adults (this covers food and house cleaning fees), payable by PayPal.

More notes:

1.  Bring a pad and sleeping bag. We sleep ON the beds (over the sheets), if you are lucky enough to get a bed. Everyone else is on the floor.

2.  No mess kits needed: everything to eat with and eat on is provided.

3.  This is the only trip where electronics are allowed. Don't expect fancy TVs to hook your console up to. Talk to someone who's been there for specifics. Anything you bring will go in a car trunk.

PayPal Link (Scouts)
PayPal Link (Adults)
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